Winnie, founder, Dr. Pet,
Darling Patsy accompanied Winnie during her formative years, comforted her when she was down, and inspired her to start writing. Patsy transformed Winnie’s life.

Homeless + his dog, over 10 years together
A homeless’s home. How can a homeless have a home?


Christine + Momo, 17 years together

With Momo, it’s love at first sight and love forever and ever…


Paul + Bach, 17 years together

Tough guy, soft heart.


Okka, Anna, Dr. Joe and Buena

Darling Buena was tortured and left dying in a creek. Then, her three angels appeared.


Sally, founder, Hong Kong Dog Rescue.
She homes 300 dogs a year.A superwoman with a big heart and wisdom. She rescues dogs 24/7.

May, owner, private dog shelter.
100 dogs and 70 cats, and counting.Another superwoman who climbs 200+ steps every day for her dogs and cats, even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Sally and Ching Ching, lost and found.

A wise lady who’s hilarious and out of this world.
Sally’s immortalized words: “When you love, and you fear the loss, the solution is to love more, go that step deeper.”



Ms Law Poman
Poman + Bodhi, inspired by Bohdi and started a health food line for children. Poman Law is the Deputy Director of Regal Hotels and devotes herself to charity.

Cally Kwong

Cally + Cash, devoted to each other since the beginning of time. Cally is still looking for a mate for Cash, any prospective darling for him?


Jack, dog genius/star, loved by the Jeem family. He is one of the
three children, confided by Mrs. Jeem.